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Running the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon for Good Counsel Homes! Caring for homeless mothers and their precious children!


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On May 3rd, we will be running the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon at Bear Mountain State Park. To make our run intentional, we have started the Mountain Marathoners 4 Life & Love team.

We have chosen to run for and support Good Counsel Homes, an organization that houses and cares for single young mothers and their expectant or newly born children. We set out not only because of our love and respect for the unborn, but also because of our deep-seated belief in our duty to protect and uphold the dignity of all women.

We also have a sister team, Runners 4 Life & Love, who will be running the North Face Endurance Challenge 10k on May 4th to raise money for Generation Life - a group of young adult missionaries in Philadelphia, New York, and across the Midwest who visit middle schools, high schools, and college campuses to share the loving message of true human sexuality.

Founded by Christopher Bell and Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, Good Counsel operates four homes throughout NY and NJ to house mothers and babies in a practical, compassionate, and loving manner. These women have nowhere to turn and face pressure to abort, but Good Counsel Homes has been the only place to go to find the nurture, help, and support to safely deliver and raise their baby. Each mother shares household duties, learns valuable parenting skills, and is encouraged and supported to work or attend school. She is taken off the streets and given a real chance at an independent and hopeful future for herself and her baby.

In order to do this work, Good Counsel Homes is fully funded by and relies entirely on private donations through the generous support of people like yourself. So please help us in our mission to support Good Counsel Homes and the women and babies whom they serve.

Apart from supporting Good Counsel, we will also be running with the intention that all hearts come to know the healing love of God - our own included. So know that as we're pounding out the miles in training and on race day, we'll be lifting you up as well...

...all while trying not to die because legend has it the first Marathon runner did!

May God Bless you and reward you generously!

Much love, gratitude, and prayers,

Mountain Marathoners 4 Life & Love

Team Captain

Christopher Genn Christopher Genn