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Support Jane, Mindy, and Esther as they head to T-land and U-land for short-term mission trips.


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Jane, Mindy, and Esther are heading to T-land and U-land on a winter F.O. and need all the support they can get through thoughts, prayers, finances, etc. God has given the three of them a huge heart for the nations.

So what is an F.O. and what will they be doing??

F.O. stands for Field Operation, a mission-field training program that takes place twice a year during summer and winter. F.O. is designed around the biblical model for disciple-making found in Luke 10. Through F.O. we will love people with the love of Jesus, spread the Gospel, and plant churches.

Purpose of F.O.
1. Prophetic: Sowing seeds of prayer and worshipping over the land.
2. Apostolic: Engaging in spiritual warfare against Islam and spiritual darkness.
3. Evangelistic: Experiencing the power of the Gospel to transform a person’s life.
4. Calling: Obeying God’s mandate for believers to make disciples of all nations.

Goal of F.O.
To experience the power of the Gospel and to prepare the way for the revival that God has planned for the unreached nations and cities, through spiritual battle and all possible biblical means while being led by the Holy Spirit.

Need for F.O.
1. Local church’s perspective: When a person who is living a very comfortable life sees the mission field and encounters local Christians who are living under persecution just like early Christians, there is a spiritual awakening. This will be brought back to the local church to bring new spiritual awakening.

2. Mission strategy perspective: Short-term missionaries can do things that local long-term missionaries cannot. Local long-term missionaries are often limited in their methods to witness the Gospel because they must continue to live there. However, short-term mission teams can witness to a local person without fear of future expulsion. Short-term mission programs are an important strategic tool in the modern mission movement.

3. Local missionary’s perspective: Long-term missionaries are spiritually revived through short-term mission teams. Missionaries gain spiritual strength while leading, worshipping, and serving the short-term teams. Also, local missionaries can only interact with a limited number of people, but the short-term teams meet with everyone and anyone, which means that the number of potential Christians increases. Furthermore, missionaries can gain intercession support from the team.

4. Participant’s perspective: This is a chance for spiritual awakening. God often speaks most clear on the field. Instead of a vague understanding of missions, the participant will have a practical and detailed understanding and commitment. This will ultimately result in change within the local church.

(from InterCP.us)

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