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Who: Mud Creek Church, North Carolina Baptist Men, working in partnership with the Baptist Convention of Kenya, will sponsor mission teams to the African nation of Kenya.

What: The Kenya Baptist Convention has undertaken a bold initiative of planting 1000 new house churches in the next five years. One of the strategies for doing this involves community service projects in which mission teams help build a house for four needy families in strategic church plant areas. These are usually widows, many of whom are forced to move back to their homeplace after their husband dies. They are often at the mercy of the community for any housing at all. The house building project brings the community together for service to one of its members and exposes them to the gospel through a house dedication service. Neighbors contribute some materials, time, effort, and food to the cause. Local pastors are active in planning, conducting, and follow-up of the project with the goal of starting a Bible Study in the new homes, and eventually a new church in the area. Teams will also have great opportunity to minister with the many children who gather for the project, as well as one on one opportunity to witness to those who gather. Volunteer teams are also welcomed into the local public schools for presentation and ministry.

How: Exact cost of the project will vary depending on current airfare. Ground cost is approximately $800 per person. This includes food, lodging, in-country transportation, bottled water; entry visa; orientation, volunteer insurance, and one night's stay at game park. Airfare typically runs between $1300 and $1800 depending on time of year. Approximate cost $2500

Typical Team Schedule

Tuesday Depart US

Wednesday Arrive Nairobi PM; stay in Guesthouse in Nairobi

Thursday Travel to Kisumu area near Lake Victoria; Arrive, settle in, and visit worksite

Friday Build first house; minister in community; house dedication

Saturday Build second house; minister in communty; house dedication

Sunday Worship at house sites and visit Kisumu area

Monday Build third house; minister in community; house dedication

Tuesday Build fourth house; minister in communty; house dedication

Wednesday Travel to Masai Mara Game Park; lunch at lodge; game drive in late afternoon

Thursday Breakfast at lodge; game drive in AM; drive back to Nairobi; cleanup; fly out PM Friday Arrive back in US

Team Captain

Mark Hunnicutt Mark Hunnicutt

To know the character of God and make known the content of Scripture.