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Here's Life Inner City fundraising for Boxes of Love

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We are raising funds to help feed families in Milwaukee this Thanksgiving holiday!

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Anna Zarovy

Boxes of Love - Anna's Team

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Caitlin Overton

Help Fund Boxes of Love in Inner City Milwaukee-Caitlin's Team

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Cheryl Kreke

Cheryl Kreke - Box of Love

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Kara Atkinson

Kara Atkinson- Boxes of Love outreach

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Katharine Shadle

Katharine Shadle - Box of Love

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A Box of Love not only feeds a family for Thanksgiving but is also a tangible expression of Christ's love. It opens the door to future and lasting ministry by connecting families to a caring church community.

Will you help us reach our goal of serving 1,000 families?

You can join our team by clicking on FUNDRAISE

Invite friends, family, and co-workers to give.

By rallying your friends and raising just $550, you will be serving an additional 15 families for Thanksgiving. Raise $1,500 and help connect 40 families to hope this Thanksgiving.

"When you're a part of what we're doing here, you're not just giving to a cause, you're saving a life." -Jimmy, serving families in the Bronx.

Watch Jimmy's story here:

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    I'm so excited!