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"Mike's Team" a team to help the COLON CANCER ALLIANCE...

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Brian Michaels

Brian's 1/2 marathon for CCA fundraiser

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Emily Despriet

1/2 marathon for Mike

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Michael Despriet

Mike's 10K

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On Sunday, April 1st, 2012, the members of Mike's Team participated in the Santa Cruz Half Marathon & 10K to help raise money for the Colon Cancer Alliance in honor of Mike Despriet. Last fall, Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Before being diagnosed, Mike began experiencing unexplained fatigue, so he went to the doctor to find out what was happening. At first the tests were inconclusive, but they kept testing as the symptoms remained. After surgery, the cancer was found to have spread into his liver and lymph nodes.

In January Mike, his wife Emily and I decided to try and do a joint fundraiser to help raise money for the Colon Cancer Alliance. We chose the April Santa Cruz event with the hope that Mike would be ready to participate by then.

Post Race Report

On behalf of Mike's Team, I want to thank everyone for the donations and words of support so far. Thanks to your generous donations, Mike, Emily and I have been able to raise over $3,500 to the CCA! This amount far exceeds what our initial goals were when we set up the team.

I've posted a few photos here of the event in the link below:


Now on to the race report. On the day before the race, we were all a little worried because it was rainy and windy all day. However, the weather forecasters promised that it would clear up by Sunday, and they were right. While it was a tad cool before the race began on Sunday morning, it was a nearly perfect day for running.

In the last few weeks leading up to the race, Mike was concerned whether or not he'd even be able to finish the 10K because his recent treatments were very difficult to get through. Not only did he get through the race, his results were fairly amazing. Here are the highlights:

10K Results:
Mike Despriet
Time: 51 minutes and 12 seconds
Gender Place: 103rd place out of 438 male runners
Overall Place: 173rd out of 1424 total runners

These results put Mike in the top 12% of all the 10K runners! Way to go, Mike.

As for Mike's wife, Emily, her half marathon results were also very impressive. Emily had run in one previous half marathon in Orange County last year. In that race, she ran a 2:25+ time. For the race in Santa Cruz, she told us she was hoping to get somewhere between a 2:15 and 2:20 time. Well, someone apparently ate her Wheaties, because here are Emily's results:

Half Marathon Results:
Emily Suess-Despriet
Time: 2 hours, 4 minutes, and 9 seconds
Gender Place: 448th place out of 1437 female runners

That put Emily in the top third of all the women that finished the half marathon; but what is most impressive is that she lopped 21 minutes and 34 seconds off her previous time. Are you kidding me? This course was not easy. It was hilly, and became increasingly windy in the second half. Also a good portion of the course was on a narrow, muddy trail; where you had to dodge around puddles, gopher holes, horse bi-products, not to mention other runners.

Despite Emily's excellent result, I'm using the above factors as my excuse for not reaching my goal for this event! My previous best result was a 1:45:47 last October in the San Jose Half Marathon. For the Santa Cruz event, my results were:

Half Marathon Results:
Brian Michaels
Time: 1 hour, 47 minutes, 4 seconds
Gender Place: 256th place out of 934 males
Overall Place: 355th place out of 2391 total runners

This means that I was 1 minute and 17 seconds off my best time, and way off my goal. Despite this, I was pretty happy with the results.

After the race, we headed over to a restaurant on the beach to rehydrate and replenish the vital carbs we had lost.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting our fundraiser for the Colon Cancer Alliance.


Team Captain

Brian Michaels Brian Michaels