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To create an endowment fund that will serve as a back-up budget for the Marshall Islands High School's general fund.


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Our team started about a year ago in order to come up with ideas on how we could help celebrate our high school's 50th Commencement Exercises this past May of 2015. The celebration was super fun and a lot of the people who attended it wanted it to be a tradition from now on. Anyway, the money that we're going to raise will mainly be used for the rennovation of our gym because our gym has not been used for almost 2 years now due to damaged roof, lights, floor, and other gym-related equipments. We usually have our graduation ceremonies at our gym but unfortunately, we did not use our gym this year like we wanted because of it's bad condition.

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Yoshita Mares Yoshita Mares

Create a positive and healthy environment for students.