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"Michele's Angels" a team to help EMBRACE provide low cost infant warmers to prevent hypothermia in premature and low birth weight babies.


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Amy Thayer

Embrace the Warmth Hike a Thon

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Kim Finnell Calicott

Embrace the Warmth Hike-A-Thon

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Jordan Finnell

Embrace the Warmth Hike-a-thon

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Morgan Finnell

Embrace the Warmth Hike a Thon

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Karlyn Tolley

Karlyn Finnell Tolley

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In memory of, Michele, our mom, grandma, aunt, and sister...

Ever since she was a young girl, she was blessed with a love of children and a desire to help people. As a teenager, she wanted to be a mother to twenty children, and when that didn't happen, she found her life's other purpose, using her skills as a mother to augment her abilities as a nurse in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, where she not only care for the critically ill babies in her charge, but nurtured and loved the families that were enduring times of crisis as well. Combining her inherent qualities of caring, insightfulness, and persistence, Michele always fought to deliver the highest quality of care for the babies and for the families.

To honor Michele and keep her legacy of care alive we have organized a hike-a-thon to take place on June 16th at our family reunion in Zion National Park.

Your donations will go directly to Embrace Global to help them further their mission of saving babies in underdeveloped countries. The primary goal of Embrace is to primary goal is to help save the lives of low birth weight and premature infants by distributing an inexpensive and effective infant warmer in conjunction with education programs that address the root causes of neonatal hypothermia.


Because they are low-tech, durable, portable, and easy to use, Embrace warmers are credited with saving over 50,000 babies from hypothermia in the last two years.

Every little bit counts so whether you give $10 or $1000 your donation will help save a baby's life!

Thank you!!!

Team Captain

Amy Thayer Amy Thayer

  1. Amy ThayerAmy Thayer 06/10/2014 at 11:01 PM ET
    Hey guys, we are at $765!!! Do you think we can push it to $1000. I think we can do just $235 more. That would be pretty awesome. Keep posting about it on facebook. Email your extended (non Finnell) family members. Anything else you can think of?
  2. Amy ThayerAmy Thayer 06/06/2014 at 10:33 PM ET
    Hey guys! Keep that fundraising going! I just posted about it on my blog and am sharing it on all the facebook groups I can.