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We are raising money for Messiah Youth. Will you be a part of the spiritual development of the MY students?


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Benjamin Dillenback

Messiah Youth Fundraiser 2011

$2,957 25

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This fundraiser is to raise money to support the youth ministry program at Messiah Christian Church. Funds will support weekly youth group meetings, outreach tools and events, special spiritual development events, youth room maintenance, and a yearly mission trip.

Messiah Youth (MY) has the same vision as Messiah Christian Church: Making disciples to reach, heal, and change lives.

We do this by inviting students to hear and participate in Jesus' live giving message through meaningful relationships and service to others.

Inviting: Our youth program is always focused on reaching out to those who aren't here yet. It is a responsibility of all involved in Messiah Youth (both leaders and students) to be continuously reaching out to others.

Hear: We expose students to Biblical truths during the teachings given during youth group gatherings.

Participate: We believe a faith must be lived out for it to be living in our lives. This is why we encourage involvement in service projects and missions throughout the year.

Jesus: Entering into a personal relationship with Him is the first step in your faith journey with God. Click here to learn more.

Relationships: An emphasis on community and fellowship creates an opportunity for students to experience the love of Jesus, to have an opportunity to show that love to others, and to grow in the understanding of the importance of being a part of Christ-centered community.

Service: Growth happens when you live your faith out. We seek to provide opportunities for and encourage service in the lives of the students.

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Benjamin Dillenback Benjamin Dillenback

I want students to find Jesus and grow in His gifts.