MCH's 2nd Annual St. Urho's Day Fundraiser!

A team for Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless

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"MCH's 2nd Annual St. Urho's Day Fundraiser!" a team to help the MINNESOTA COALITION FOR THE HOMELESS INC...


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Kandace Creel Falcón

2nd Annual St. Urho's Houseparty Fundraiser

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Liz Kuoppala

Team Urho

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Josie Kent

MCH Fundraiser

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Katie Kottenbrock

St. Urho's Fundraiser

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Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) is putting together our 2nd annual fundraiser to help find a solution to homelessness on March 16th, 2014 at 1220 3rd Ave South, in Moorhead MN. Last year we had a little over $1600 raised at our fundraiser through donations and silent auction bids. This year, MCH is shooting for $3000 from the event. We will celebrate the wonderful story of St. Urho, while helping raise some money through co-hosts, a silent auction, and/or attendance to the fundraiser/silent auction.

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Kirsten Rokke Kirsten Rokke