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People dedicated to helping the people and city of Joplin, MO in their rebuilding efforts from the May 22 EF5 Tornado.


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Disclaimer: I'm trying out a new fundraising strategy for the short term efforts for the Glocal (Global and Local) team at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, MD. Everything you see here is my own personal opinion and trip fundraising effort, and not policy from Mountain Christian Church.

Joplin is, strangely enough, a place that holds a special place in my heart. I wouldn't have said that a year ago.

I attended Ozark Christian College in Joplin from 2006-2010, where I studied Youth Ministry. During my 4 years of school, I built relationships with people in the community, ate at their homes, volunteered and worked on staff at a church in the community, and fell in love with the people of Joplin.

After I graduated in the spring of 2010, I moved away, because I believed that God had another place for me to go, for whatever reason. I said goodbye to the students, friends, co-workers, and ministry that God had blessed me with for an extremely crucial and formative time in my life. Many of them still remain in the Joplin area to this day

I still remember where I was on May 22nd when I heard the news of the tornado for the first time. I was out at a restaurant with some friends after church, and was checking my Twitter feed. I saw some strange posts from my friends back in Joplin, but didn't think anything of it. I was tired from the day, so went to bed fairly early that evening.

I awoke to a voicemail from my mother and multiple other friends asking me if I had heard the news, and then it all came crashing down--an EF5 tornado had hit the city of Joplin. It would end up taking the lives of 162 people, and causing somewhere between $1-3 billion dollars worth of damage to the city.

The good news is that the Church and the people of Joplin have risen up in this time of need to provide for one another--providing shelter, food, clothing, clean up efforts, and many other efforts that are too numerous to mention adequately.

The city has mainly moved into a rebuilding phase. I'm a part of one of four teams from Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, MD, that are heading to Joplin to help in whatever ways we can for a week. We'll be parterning with local churches for these efforts, because we want the ministry that we do to grow God's Kingdom through the church, not just make us feel good that we got dirty for a week.

If you've read my story, thanks. I would love to have you join with our teams and my self in praying for these trips. We know that God is going to use them powerfully, and that we will be stretched physically, mentally, and spiritually during our separate weeks on the ground there.

If God is leading you to help financially with this trip, thanks. Your donation will provide airfare and other travel expenses, food, and work supplies for our time on the ground.

Please note that if you do donate, your donation will appear on your statement as a donation to Razoo, and they will then process it and pass the funds along to Mountain Christian Church.

Joplin is a place that means a lot to me personally. If you've made it this far in my story, i hope that you can appreciate what Joplin has come to mean to me, and why I would love to get back there for a trip to help the place that helped me so much.

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