Marathon Relay for Camp 2014


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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$5,050 raised of $4,000
($3,450 online, $1,610 offline)

"Marathon Relay for Camp 2014" a team to help the DINOMIGHTS go to Camp!


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Scott Harman

Marathon Relay for Camp 14

$2,165 11


Kari Harman

Kari's Run for Camp

$1,155 16


Jordan Bronston

Running for Camp!

$625 7


James Fields

Dinomights Relay for Camp!!

$535 7


Neil Eukel

Marathon Relay for DINOMIGHTS

$445 8


Shelby Tuseth

DinoMights For Camp!

$360 5


Marit Zelinsky

Marathon Relay For Camp 2014

$175 2

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Call us crazy, but we really belive that Camp is one of the most important things our students get to experience at DinoMights. DinoMights needs to raise approximately 40 camp scholarships at $300 per student this summer. We're also looking to raise a bit more for our academic day camp called Power Camp. So all together DinoMights is trying to raise $18,000 for camp.

Here's the crazy part. We staff and volunteers are going to run a marathon relay to show our support for the camp cause. Each of us will run a section of the marathon, and for every donor that gives on our pages we will add a piece of hockey equipment! WAIT THAT IS CRAZY!!!

Actually it is crazy. We did that two years. We thought we were going to collapse in a heap. So PLEASE DON'T MAKE US DO THAT AGAIN! So this year we are starting out in full gear. For every donor we get to shed a piece of gear during the run. If each of us gets 10 donors we'll be shedding a full set of hockey equipment! So UN-suit us up and give generously to camp!

Team Captain

Scott Harman Scott Harman