Macquarie's Great Debaters!

A team for The New York City Urban Debate League

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"Macquarie's Great Debaters! " a team to help the The New York City Urban Debate League...


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Erik Fogel

Erik Fogel

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The New York City Urban Debate League is the only non-profit organization that improves the literacy and communication skills, college preparedness, and civic engagement of NYC public school students through the transformational power of organized debate. Recognized for successfully serving the City’s most underrepresented communities, the NYCUDL establishes nationally competitive debate programs in low income schools to make a substantial year-after-year impact on the communication skills, academic performance, and college readiness of underrepresented students. Outside of their work in schools, the NYCUDL hosts debate classes and tournaments open to students from all areas and backgrounds, giving everyone the opportunity to become a champion in debate, academics, and life.

This school year over 30 new schools have signed up for the debate league. We need your help in building debate programs at each of these schools.

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Erik Fogel Erik Fogel