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Taking the Cloud of Awesomeness to Philadelphia


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This year the LUMC youth group is heading to Philadelphia in conjunction with the Center for Student Missions! This trip will involve working with the homeless, those with HIV/AIDS, people suffering from substance abuse, and involvement with inner city children and adolescents. The trip will be July 28-August 1st.

This is the youth group's second mission trip. We definitely saw God move last year in Steubenville! As a group we were able to feel God's love for the city of Steubenville and the children and adults living there. The youth reported the trip as being one of the first times they really felt the presence of God.

Money raised for the trip will cover our trip to Philadelphia and our time in Philadelphia. We have chosen Center for Student Missions because they are Christ-centered, are all-inclusive (room, board, and outreach are all planned by CSM), and specialize in inner city missions. You can read about what we might do on our trip and the Center for Student Missions here:

The trip is limited to 14 people, with 4 adult chaperones and 11 youth ages 12-16. It is a great outreach to the community of Philadelphia as well as to our youth. Finally, the things our youth learn on the trip and the passion experienced on the trip will translate to our church at home as well!

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