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When you look at the world today, do you see the peer pressure and distractions that teens are constantly bombarded with? Do you see the constant struggle that teens have, simply to feel like they fit in? Do you see the mixed signals that they are constantly being given, from the people surrounding them? Do you see why 97% of our youth are going to hell?!?

To be a Christian teen, in today’s society, is tough! To have the guts to live missionally in your own backyard is even tougher! Don’t you wish that God would just give you the basic 10 steps of how to live and share your faith effectively? Don’t you wish that you could somehow, just know what to do, and what to say? Well guess what!! This summer, YOU CAN!!!

Join us!!! Summer 2014, for the Just for Him, Love out Loud Summer Tour!! It is going to be unlike anything you have ever seen in your entire life! For 8 weeks, you are going to be embarking on a journey of a life-time! Get ready, as we will be going to 4 of the poorest cities in the United States, and be prepared, for God to change your heart and life dramatically!! You are going to learn, how to live your life on mission, in such away, that whether you are standing on a stage sharing your testimony in front of thousands, or even praying for the lady at the grocery store checkout line, God uses you in some pretty powerful ways!!

In the bible it says “Here am I Lord, Send me!!” and that is going to be our prayer for this summer tour, “God I am here!! I am ready!!! SEND ME!!!”

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