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We are a team participating in the DC Cherry Blossom soccer tournament trying to raise funds and awareness for


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Around the world, children are fighting to play the game they love. They play in trash dumps and busy streets, dodge cars and wade through trash-filled swamps to get to their next game. They ignore the indignity of their circumstances but are often hurt - and sometimes killed - by the danger they play in.

love.fútbol is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that creates safe soccer fields for children by empowering underserved communities. By using our Community-Driven Development model, we cultivate community ownership of the project as well as build skills and assets that continue to serve our communities after projects end. A love.fútbol field serves as a constant reminder of a community’s internal capacity and raises expectations for future civic and economic development, creating ripple effects that magnify initial benefits.

We've completed nine projects so far and over 6,000 children currently play on our fields. We're planning to complete 20 more projects by the 2014 World Cup and reach thousands of children with safe soccer!

Help us reach our $2,000 goal for the DC Cherry Blossom tournament! We appreciate your help.

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