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"Love for Lala" is a Rescue Me VT team coming together to raise money for the healthcare of lovely Lala


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Lala was found alone, emaciated, wounded, and scared. Most likely neglected and dumped by a previous owner, left to roam the streets of St.Croix, just trying to survive. She arrived at the St.Croix Animal Welfare Center and was assigned a euthanization date (January 15, 2014). Upon seeing a picture of her sweet and terrified face, the members of our team decided we had to act!

Because Lala is so emaciated, there is a possibility she has heartworm, she also has a deep wound on one of her legs which might require testing and antibiotics, as well as other general vet maintenance that she has not received in a long time! The cost to get her here is also higher because she has to fly in cargo :( Lala's situation/condition will require more testing and treatment than we are prepared to pay for at this current time. So, we are looking for donations to be made toward her care so that she can recieve the best medical attention possible and recover quickly!

Flight/transportation: $225

Vet examination: $60

Heartworm test: $60

Basic heartworm/flea/tick treatment: $40

Stool exam: $25

Antibiotics: $20

Skin scrapping: $40

Bag of high quality/protein dog food: $30

TOTAL: $550

Anything you can donate will help tremendously!!! We thank you all in advance <3 <3 <3

Team Captain

Katie Delp Katie Delp