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Los Osos Middle School: Raising money to bring clean water to the people of South Sudan


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The 6th graders at Los Osos Middle School are raising money to bring a well to the villagers of South Sudan.

Anaya wakes up each morning and walks two hours carrying an old jerry can on her head to get water. When she arrives back home and puts the water in a larger container, she turns around and makes the four-hour trip a second time. By the time she gets home for the day, she has to help her mother prepare dinner and then get ready for bed to start the same routine again the next day. Anaya is nine years old. She cannot go to school because she spends her days walking to get brown water that is often filled with parasites. She lives in Southern Sudan where the average temperature is 125 degrees and there are no roads, hospitals, or schools. Her existence is based on how far she must walk to get water. But her life doesn’t have to be this hard. There is a simple solution and an easier way of life for Anaya.

Water for Sudan, Inc. has been drilling wells in South Sudan since 2005, profoundly affecting life for more than 500,000 people. Each water well provides so much more than fresh safe water. Once there is well in a village, children can spend their days in school, mothers can spend more time planting and harvesting more nutritious food for their families, villagers can make bricks to build permanent structures like schools and clinics, and whole villages start to set up a market to increase the economy. The effects of water are truly life giving.

By supporting us in our walk on March 11, you can make a profound difference in the lives of people like Anaya who walk up to 8 hours each day for water. It’s simple.

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Nina Robinett Nina Robinett