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Please help support the non-profit organizations the students will be volunteering with on their service-learning Immersion trips.


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According to the Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty at the Weingart Center, an estimated 254,000 men, women and children experience homelessness in Los Angeles County during some part of the year and approximately 82,000 people are homeless on any given night. Unaccompanied youth, especially in the Hollywood area, are estimated to make up from 4,800 to 10,000 of these. Although homeless people may be found throughout the county, the largest percentages are in South Los Angeles and Metro Los Angeles.

Our group from Jesuit High School will stay at the Cardinal Manning Center on Skid Row, which shelters 60 men each evening. Each day we will serve at various non-profits on Skid Row but most especially spend time with the homeless focusing on creating relationships.

The non-profit organizations we will be working with are:

Cardinal Manning Center: http://www.svdpla.org/pages/content-migration/2.-our-services/our-services---cardinal-manning-center

SRO Housing: http://www.srohousing.org/

Inner City Law Center: http://www.innercitylaw.org/

Midnight Mission: http://www.midnightmission.org/

Saint Francis Center: http://sfcla.org/

Homeboy Industries: http://www.homeboyindustries.org/

Alexandria House: http://www.alexandriahouse.org/

**Donations are raised to support the non-profit organizations student serve while on Immersion. However in the event that travel costs rise, a small portion of the donation may be used to cover those unforeseen expenses.**

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