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Keeping Maine's flying hospital in the air while supporting our swimmers across the bay


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The Islesboro Crossing for LifeFlight is a 5k swim across West Penobscot Bay from Northport to Islesboro. The popular event illustrates the challenge of getting emergency medical care on an island and the geographic challenges emergency medical providers face each day in Maine. It is an important means of raising awareness and funds for LifeFlight of Maine, a nonprofit organization and the state’s only emergency medical helicopter service. Swimmers and sponsors last year raised $118,000 for LifeFlight of Maine.

The 100 paddlers who participate in this event play an especially important role, ensuring that our swimmers enjoy a safe, healthy, and comfortable trip across the bay. They provide food, drink, navigational aid, emotional support, and a resting place. And with your support, they raise much-needed funds for LifeFlight of Maine. Join our team to raise money, or sponsor a paddler today!

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