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Help us travel to Kenya to work with the Nyamue Christian Junior Academy and the Nyamue Church of Christ.


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Our team of 10 is travelling to Kenya this September. We depart on September 3rd and return on September 17th. While in Kenya we will be working with our friends and colleagues David and Bassy Marube at the Nyamue Christian Junior Academy (NCJA). The NCJA is a mission of Nyamue Church of Christ, our church in Leesburg, VA, and several other churches of Christ.

The NCJA provides early childhood development and education for nearly 200 children in the Nyamue area. Nyamue is a village near the large western Kenyan city of Kisii.

Children ages 3 - 7 come to the NCJA to begin their education. Preschool and Kindergarten are not provided in public schools in Kenya and so the NCJA mission is vitally important to prepare these children for future education success. The students also receive food and drink while at NCJA. For some of the poorest students the meal they receive at NCJA is the only meal they receive for that day.

While at NCJA we will be helping with construction projects and special education programs. We will be bringing new clothes for the children as well as education supplies.

While in Kenya we will also worship with, encourage, and be encouraged by the Nyamue Church of Christ. David and the members of Nyamue have many ongoing ministries including providing support to refugee camps, helping to end harmful traditions against women, providing clean drinking water and of course sharing the love of Christ with their community.

We hope you will support our team as we join with David, Bassy, the NCJA, and the Nyamue Church in the important work they are doing.

We’ve all already purchased our plane tickets. We are trying to raise support for the remaining costs associated with the trip.

We will need:

  • $4000 for transportation. This includes the rental of 2 vans and the services of 2 drivers.
  • $5000 for hotels in Nairobi and Kisii
  • $2000 for food and miscellaneous expenses

This works out to a total of $11,000 or $1,100 per person for our 10 member team.

Team Captain

Kile Thompson Kile Thompson

  1. kevin owinokevin owino 06/06/2015 at 09:22 AM ET
    God bless you for the good work you are doing