Leaving a Legacy of Therapy


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A little therapy goes a long way- Legacy Mission Village sending physical therapy students to Kenya, Africa.

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Physical Therapy Students

Leaving a Legacy of Therapy

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Physical Therapy Students

Physical Therapy Students

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Hello friends and family!

As a group of physical therapy students, we will be traveling to Kenya, Africa June 29 to July 11 to give hope and love to the people, and especially the children, of Kenya. We will also educate the children’s caretakers on ways that they can continue to help their babies and students long after we leave. Afterall, we hope to leave a "legacy" behind. Our trip will be coordinated by Legacy Mission Village, a US charity whose mission is to help under-privileged children and people of East Africa. Our coordinating partner in Africa is ACTS, a Christian-based organization whose purpose is to coordinate projects for mission workers who volunteer to help the people of Africa. Our projects while in Kenya include:

  • Angels Center for Abandoned Children
    • Baby rescue center where nurses take care of the children while they wait to be adopted
    • We will play with and work with the children to improve their development and stimulation. We will also do “baby massage” for the underdeveloped babies to improve their neuromuscular stimulation.
    • We will teach the baby nurses certain techniques or exercises to do to continue to work with the children
  • Power Women’s Group
    • Support group for HIV/AIDS positive women in the Kibera slums
    • We will meet with them for small group talks. We will also help them with their income generating projects.
  • Mukeu School for Handicapped Children
    • We will be assessing the children's physical abilities to do activities of daily living
    • We will coordinate and play in a "sports day" for the school
    • We will instruct the teachers at the school, new exercises and games to do with the children to enhance their physical and mental capabilities
  • Meeting with Kenya “Physiotherapist”- a PT from the country
    • We will talk with this person about the similarities and differences between PT in Kenya and in America
    • This person will be on a few of the projects with us

Not only will this trip expand our knowledge of physical therapy, but we know that the experience will change our lives and characters forever!

We also know that this trip will be difficult and trying at times. Firstly, it is expensive to travel so far. If you would like to help fund our trip, anything would be appreciated! Please pray for us so that we may help the underpriveledged and that we may grow tremendously!

Thank you so much.

Team Captain

Physical Therapy Students Physical Therapy Students