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Las Minas is a small mountain village an hour and a half outside of the El Salvador’s capital of San Salvador. The idea behind these camps is to bring the America SCORES Bay Area program activities to the kids, the staff and the community of Las Minas to slowly empower leaders and teachers to be able to run an after-school program for youth modeled by the soccer, poetry, and peace education curriculum kick-started at each annual summer camp. The children here are motivated about learning, but the school lacks the necessary supplies to offer them a better education. For example, there are only two (barely functioning) computers in the entire school so that a class of twenty students must wait and take turns to use it. More over, about 40 percent of these kids wear old and torn shoes to school while another 30 thirty percent go barefoot. The camps have given the boys and girls of Las Minas a great experience for the last nine years as they learn soccer, poetry, peace, and the power of their voices.

Why El Salvador?

Some corners of the world live under constant distress and El Salvador, a small Central American country that survived a ten-year civil war that left more then 75,000 people dead and about 6,000 disappearances during the eighties, is no exception. After the civil war ended, the country started to recover from all the economic damage and psychological pain marked by the war; however, during the nineties, the United States started to deport thousands of kids who had become members of gangs in the USA back to El Salvador, which lead to an uncontrollable eruption of gang violence. As a result of this, El Salvador’s homicide rates became higher than those during the civil war. According to Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS), “the average number of murders in El Salvador is 55.5 per 100,000 population twice the average for Latin America.” From kidnappings to extortions these gangs have created a daily fear for the lives of all Salvadorans and an uncertain future for all the children.

The government’s solution against street gangs varies from the construction of more jails to the resurrection of death squads that were used during the civil war. In other words, oppression is the government‘s solution for this social phenomenon. In the last three years, according to a report from IPS, the police jailed about 60,000 gang members. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is very high. The streets of San Salvador are full of kids and adults begging for money. Kids don’t have a safe place to play because of the lack of social programs. In fact, inner city kids don’t even have easy access to the few soccer fields, soccer being the most played sport in the country.

What needs to be done?

How can one help the Salvadoran children from becoming gang members? After working with Bay Area SCORES-an organization that uses soccer to teach kids poetry and the value of community service- for several years, I can say that “prevention” is fundamental in this specific issue. Kids need to be occupied; they need something to look forward to; they need and deserve a safe learning environment where they can be kids and at the same time learn important life values such us teamwork, leadership, and commitment.

The purpose of this project is to help the school of “El Canton Las Minas” in Chalatenango, which is north of San Salvador. The town of El Canton Las Minas was one of the most affected areas during the war. The majority of its inhabitants are country people dedicated to agriculture and are still working with the most rudimentary implements. The focus of this project is to help the children of this town by bringing an after school program that can be replicated in other schools throughout El Salvador.

Summer Camp

Each summer camp costs about $ 3,072.00 to bring qualified volunteers and athletic and school supplies to Las Minas for a week of soccer, poetry, and peace education workshops. This year, Program Founder and Director Roberto Gil will be accompanied by two America SCORES Bay Area Program Managers Mia Tsui and Genaro Arana as well as Peace Educators Kathy Crawford and Christopher Santee. These coaches and instructors will run the week-long summer camp and World Cup celebration for over seventy youth in the community. Food and lodging will be provided to the volunteers by friends of Roberto and members of Las Minas.

Below is an itemized list of projected expenses for 2014:

Airfare for 3 volunteer soccer coaches ($600 Each): $1800

In-country transportation for volunteers:$300

Teaching materials:$200

Soccer Equipment:$200

Annual team travel costs for youth to play with other neighboring villages: $320

Lunch for Children:$o.70 x 70 (kids) x 1(day) x 6(days)= $294

TOTAL: $3114.00

Muchas gracias for your support and solidarity!

Team Captain

Shannon Burns Shannon Burns

Supporting continued cultivation of safe play spaces and stronger communities in San Francisco & El Salvador