Half Marathon to Raise Money for the KLM Foundation


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We're running a half marathon in Healdsburg on Oct 26th to help raise money for KLM!

KLM (Kgwale le Mollo Foundation) was founded in 2004 by my brother, Bowen Hsu, and his good friend and fellow Peace Corps volunteer, Allison Howard Berry. Each year the KLM program selects the most promising graduate from over 100 elementary schools and sends that student to one of South Africa's best boarding schools to prepare her or him for a leading role in the development of the community and the country.

Bowen and Allison worked in rural villages and townships and met extraordinary young people who possessed great intelligence and talent, but no opportunities for a high-quality education. The conditions in rural government schools were lamentable – teachers were ill-trained and poorly compensated, learning resources were non-existent, and even the brightest students didn’t have meangingful opportunities to learn. Moreover, without adult role models to introduce options for professional careers, children often couldn’t even envision a life beyond rural poverty.

Bowen and Allison, like all Peace Corps volunteers, met numerous young people who never made it to university for all the wrong reasons. Further, they worked alongside several South Africans who were bound by schooling based upon rote learning, therefore unable to make a leap in their careers even years later. Both volunteers knew that superstars existed in rural areas, they just needed a chance to shine.

Thank you for supporting and helping the mission!

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