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After nearly a decade, La Puerta Abierta is proud to have remained true to its founding philosophy of empowerment through literacy and to have thrived as an educational institution over years of change. In addition to early childhood education classes and reading programs that are hosted in our center, La Puerta Abierta offers the Traveling Library Program as an outreach project for local schools and community centers.

Currently we work with eight schools in the outlying neighborhoods of Santiago. Participating classes receive a visit from an enthusiastic librarian from La Puerta Abierta on a weekly basis. While children receive exposure to reading and interactive activities, class-room teachers gain training in how to incorporate literacy into their curriculum.

Most schools in rural Guatemala have limited resources and books are sparse. In addition to engaging students with a story hour, our librarians also share a set of books for classroom use. Classes receive a new set of books on a weekly basis, allowing students to have a window of time to connect with stories in a meaningful way.

In 2016, we would like to incorporate 8 new schools into our traveling library program. Your support will help us to bring books and literacy engagement to new partnering schools.

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