La Otra Voz Theater as a Social Development Tool in Peru

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Bring adolescent girls in domestic work internet & edu. so they can theatrically develop and share their own stories with the world.


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This project is working with La Casa de Panchita, which is part of the Lima based NGO, Asociacion Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR), an agency which assists domestic workers of all ages find work where their labor rights are respected. Additionally the ‘House’ as it is referred to, acts as a safe space for domestic workers to meet and learn from one another solidifying their experiences as a community. This is important because domestic work as an adolescent girl can be a very isolated experience. Within the space of the NGO, a variety of free capacitating workshops are offered depending on the necessities of the participants and the skills of the volunteers working at the time. I have been involved in the workshops assisting in teaching English and Theater since September 2011. Having gained insight into how the organization functions, I am confidant in leading a theater workshop this semester, titled La otra voz (The Other Voice). Objectively, this workshop teaches theater as a practical life skill in communication, self expression, and personal development. As a theater teacher I have found the experience very rewarding and a great space to develop this Kickstarter project, as I am able to test out workshop exercises and plot development techniques catering to the adolescent girl in domestic work experience.

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