Kristian and Laurice's Mission Trip to North India

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We are raising money to go on a mission trip to North India to meet with other missionaries to help spread the word of God to all nations.


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There are so many unreached nations who haven't had the opportunity to hear the word of God. The money we are raising goes towards a mission trip organized by InterCP, an organization that focuses on global missions in the 10/40 window. As former students of Vision School here in Canada, we have had an opportunity to learn of God's vision of seeing His people coming back to Him. We would like to spread this same vision with everyone we come in contact with. This year, Field Operations are taking place in North India where not many people have had the opportunity to hear the good news. We want to share the gospel with those who haven't met Him yet. Though it may be hard, there is nothing better than to help bring back our lost brothers and sisters back to Christ. As William Carey said:

"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."

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