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"KnoxvilleMommies" - a team to help the MOMMIES NETWORK... Join us as we continue our efforts of helping moms find the support they need!


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KnoxvilleMommies, located in East Tn, is part of the national organization The Mommies Network. TMN, and because of their help KnoxvilleMommies, is dedicated to supporting mothers in our area by being a resource where they can find friends, receive support in this journey we call motherhood, or even just to have somewhere to vent when their children are driving them crazy. We do this through our online forums, as well as through our in person events such as playdates, coffee meetups, and mom's night out.

KnoxvilleMommies is hoping to do our part in raising funds to help our chapter and the network continue our mission to support mothers by offering them a safe, free place to connect with other moms. Money raised will be used for the upkeep on the sites (servers, domain names, etc), and to help fund the upgrades our system desperately needs. The updated system will allow us to bring a whole new level of support to our local and national chapters, meaning more support for those mommies that are a part of them.

Please consider helping us to support the mommies in your life, in your community or town, and across the country!

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