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$7,279 raised of $5,895
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"Kili Climbers" is a team of enthusiastic individuals that are committed to raising money for 'Up With Downs'...

Team Members

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Jane Amble

Up with Downs

$3,205 50


Jeff & Terese Amble

Up with Downs

$1,570 24


Jodi Borgen

Up with Downs

$1,415 24


John Amble and Christina Mitsialis

Up with Downs

$1,289 17

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  • Robert t: Good Luck to you all on the adventure!! What an awesome trip for an awesome...
    about Up with Downs
  • Barbara Sturdevant-Bossert: I am so excited for you! What an awesome experience for a worthy cause with...
    about Up with Downs
  • Joshua A: Thanks for everything you do for the families in our community!
    about Up with Downs
  • Laura R: 50 meters- sprinting!! Good luck and make sure the camera battery is charged!
    about Up with Downs
  • BRIAN R: We are glad to help with such a great cause. Have fun!
    about Up with Downs
  • Tonya L: Good Luck Terese and Jeff! You will both do amazing! Hope you are safe and...
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  • Donald J. Nerka: Congratulations on your climb!! What a great cause!!
    about Up with Downs
  • Joni Burns: Way to go Jane and family! It was fun to make the climb vicariously through...
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  • Jessica Rust: Sorry I am late getting this done-- relieved you are all safe and proud you...
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  • Jessica Rust: Sorry I am late getting this done--relie
    about Up with Downs
  • Barbara Payne: Thinking of you on your way UP!
    about Up with Downs
  • Christine L Hagen: Sending positive thoughts to your climbing group, and keeping tabs through...
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  • joseph D. Pieper: Way to go bro! Good luck and Gods speed.
    about Up with Downs
  • Steve Norgren: Good Luck with the climb!!! What a wonderful cause; glad to help out....
    about Up with Downs
  • Heidi J Bloedow: Thank you Tate's family!!!
    about Up with Downs
  • Rachel A. Reinhart: Awesome Jodi! Climb on and be safe! Love you, Rachel...
    about Up with Downs
  • lynn jacobson`: Good luck and have fun! A chance of a lifetime, and a great cause to boot!...
    about Up with Downs
  • twila brutinel: I am so proud of you guys!! I'll keep you in my prayers - stay safe!!
    about Up with Downs
  • christoph markson: Sounds amazing, have fun!
    about Up with Downs
  • Susan Wilcox: Good Luck!! We hope you have an incredible journey and that your fundraising...
    about Up with Downs

We climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa and we made it to the top!

Our group is made up of Jodi Borgen, Jane Amble, Jeff and Terese Amble, John Amble and Christina Mitsialis.

We wanted to use this adventure to make a difference and we invite you to join us.

We are thrilled to have surpassed our initial fundraising goal and have extended our original 9/30 deadline to October 15th. We were committed to raising $5895 ($1 for each meter that we climb.) The funds will be donated to Up With Downs - a local support group for the families of individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities. It is only through the generosity of others that groups such as Up With Downs are able to provide the services that they do. They strive to make the world a better place for children and adults with Down syndrome.

The money raised will first go to Arc West Central and will then be passed through to Up With Downs.

Please help us as we climb beyond our goal!

All donations are tax deductible.

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Team Captain

Jane Amble Jane Amble