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"Ki Chi Saga 5k/15k" a team to help the FAMILY PATHWAYS Youth Services Programs


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Family Pathways Youth Services is FREE programming for teens. We have 4 Teen Centers, 10 Circle of Friends groups and Kids First mentoring. We incorporate Search Institutes Developmental Assets into all our programming in order to build skills teens can take with them into the adult world.Many of the teens that are in the mentoring program or use our teen centers are low income teens that can't afford fee based after school activities such as sports or music programs. The teens in Circle of Friends are either volunteer peer mentors or are teens with special needs that are working on social skill development and making friends. Each year we end the school year with a prom party that is affordable and fun and open for all the teens. Last year in 2011, we had 14,599 teen visits through our 4 teen centers and volunteers invested 4,061 hours of their time working with and encouraging our teens. Keeping teens busy, learning, exploring, and fed all takes money. Thank you for being part of our team, making a difference in the lives of youth, today, tomorrow and in the future.

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