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The Children Cancer Hope was founded in 2011 to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families in Yemen. We try to help those in need at any stage of their illness and recovery. We help to ease the financial burdens that accompany major illness; give crucial support, comfort and help to address the challenges they face. Also the CCH helps to provide lifesaving pharmaceutical drugs, medical supplies and equipment to facilities, as well as enriching toys for children during their stay. Further, we are trying to provide educational programs to assist with the child’s academic progress while away from school for treatment.

Every day dozens of children with cancer arrive at Alwahada Children’s Hospital in Aden city - Yemen from surrounding cities and villages for varying treatments. Between 25-35 patients daily. According to the UN statistics there are approximately more then (9000) registered children with cancer in Yemen. We feel that we can help by providing needed Aid and developing the skills that will beuseful throughout their lives. Our organization is dedicated to helping. Recovery from the cancer is only partially due to the lack of needed medical supplies.

With a bigheart to give to those who are too weak to speak. We try to give hope to those who feel they have lost the joys of youth hood. We have a passion for making young children smile, laugh and feel what it's like to live happy. Children and their families need hope, hope is something that never ends; hope is a reality to keep the faith that you will survive and be alive.

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Wael Noman Wael Noman

  1. Wael NomanWael Noman 04/27/2014 at 03:19 AM ET
    Hello all, please help us spread the word and support this amazing cause!