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Good Afternoon Everyone,

My name is Sean Clancy and I am kayaking from Huntington Harbour approximately 30 miles to Catalina Island on June 18th,2016!

This will be my 7th time doing it. Normally takes me 6.5 to 7.5 hours or so. Many a marine life to see in addition to the fact Catalina Channel is one of the busiest commercial tanker traffic ports on the West Coast. I use a smaller tender boat to bring me nutrition and motivation en route. I get inspired by inspiring others to simply look at things they love to do, and figure out a way to use that passion to raise money for those less fortunate.

Create a Change Now is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is committed to educating and empowering children and their families by providing the resources needed to fight childhood obesity and related diseases to live happier, healthier, more productive lives. Create A Change Now is currently in 13 schools, serving 13,453 kids, and have given away over 22,630 pounds of fruits and vegetables from self sustaining school yard gardens!

Help ME rasie 10,000 to Support Create a Change's NOW first High School Healthy School, Healthy Life Program!

Facts on High School:

2,550 Attendees

82% Free and Reduce Meals


60% Graduation Rate

We need YOUR help to bring our programs into this school!

" Schools with outdoor garden programs score higher on standardized test in math, reading, writing and listening" Bartosh 2003

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Melissa Blynn Melissa Blynn

  1. Hiedi CampbellHiedi... 06/16/2016 at 01:14 PM ET
    Way to Go Sean! Good Luck....