Going Paces for Growing Places


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We are a running team looking to promote health and wellness in our families and community.


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I'm thrilled that I have started training for another half marathon. After a break from running after my last knee surgery, I'm ready to dive back in! I have joined a team of parents, teachers, and community members excited to train and to raise money for Growing Places early childhood education center.

This year, I will be raising money to support Maggie's preschool. It has been wonderful to watch her grow in such a loving and nurturing environment.

I hope to be able to spend this summer getting in shape, being a role model for physical activity to my children, and helping to support health and wellness programs at Growing Places preschool. I am confident that every dollar you donate will go directly toward keeping kids moving and teaching them about being healthy.

Thank you very much for your support!

Team Captain

Katy Lilly Katy Lilly