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Hello. I am Kathy Martin and I work as a Match Support and Enrollment Specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Park and Sweet Grass Counties. Everyday I am so grateful to work for an organization that encourages, supports and believes in the value of fun, friendship and healthy role models. The community program has been serving families here in Livingston for the past 39 years and the purpose of Bowl For Kids Sake is to raise funds in order to keep these valuable programs (that are at no cost to families) alive and running in our community. Our volunteer "Bigs" have big hearts and many tell me they feel that they receive more than they give by being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters. We truly believe we are making this world a better place "one child at a time". So thank you to all the Big Brothers and Big Sisters not just in our community, but everywhere. I also would like to give a huge high 5 to all the Park High School Students who mentor. These teenagers make the choice to give up their study hall and lunch hours to spend time with the elementary students. The "Littles" think it is so neat that a teenager comes to their school just to see them. As I walk through the halls at East Side Elementary, there are high school students there to see their Littles and I witness the excitement and friendship that develops throughout the year. It is such a special gift these teenagers are giving to our community by being a positive role model to the children. These relationships make a life long impression on the lives of the Bigs and the Littles. So many children these days can end up feeling lost in the crowd. These 1 to 1 relationships have lasting positive effects on each individual and the community.

I hope you will help me support these programs which are proven to help kids do better in school, have better self-confidence, make better choices and have a brighter future. Your donation is tax-deductible, and any amount is appreciated.

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