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Please help support the non-profit organizations the students will be volunteering with on their service-learning Immersion trips.


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Michael Shea Christian Service Immersion to Kansas

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Trevor Bonanno Christian Service Immersion to KC

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A full-time community of individuals live and work at Jerusalem Farm, including the Project Director, Jesuit High School alum, Jordan Scheile, his wife, and toddler. They act as retreat leaders and mentors for the volunteers. At the beginning of the week, students will be introduced to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching through an interactive discussion. Each morning and evening will contain time for prayer and reflection. There will be an overall focus on God in our lives, how God is calling us to serve and love one another, and how all our actions can point us to God and call us to prayer.

Jerusalem Farm has a focus on home repair. This includes the construction or repair of wheel chair ramps, decks, roofs, siding, painting, etc. We emphasize that our work is with the homeowner; therefore we encourage interaction between volunteers and homeowners while at the worksite. Other projects may include working at a soup kitchen/food pantry, tutoring youth and any other needs in the community. There will also be work each day in our kitchen and in our garden, bringing on the dialogue of hospitality and sustainability.

Jerusalem Farm website: www.jerusalemfarm.org

**Donations are raised to support the non-profit organization. However in the event that travel costs rise, a small portion of the donation may be used to cover those unforeseen expenses.**

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