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"Jumping Jax" is a team to help the 4 PAWS FOR ABILITY INC provide a fully trained service dog to our son Jaxon.


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About a year ago our family began the journey to obtaining an Autism Assistance dog for our eldest son Jaxon. Jaxon was diagnosed at 2 1/2 with an Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as Intelectual Disability and a generalized Anxiety disorder. He has since also been given an ADHD diagnosis. All of these are the labels that doctors, medical professionals, and therapists use to help care for him through medications, treatments, and therapies... however the research behind what a well trained animal can provide for him goes above and beyond those interventions. We have enrolled him in a program here in town that has helped him to learn some basic commands and handling skills, and he has done well. He connects with animals in a way he never has with humans, and they have a marked calming affect on him. Our goal is that this intervention will allow him to have the grounding he needs in overwhelming environments or situations when he is frustrated, to remind him where he is in relation to the world around him, to provide him physical input when he needs it, and provide him safety when an extra pair of eyes are needed.

Every dollar you donate goes directly to 4 Paws For Ability; The organization based in Ohio that will be providing Jaxon with a fully trained Autism Assistance Service Dog. That money is just part of the 22,000 it costs to raise, care for and train these important dogs. This animal will not be our pet...this animal will be a functioning member of our family with a role to play.

We hope that you will help us to provide this for our son. Not only will it benefit him, but our whole family with a goal of moving from chaos to calm.

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