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"Julia Lee and Friends Anywhere 5K": a team to help ANGIOMA ALLIANCE...

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The weekend of October 5-6, 2013, Angioma Alliance is hosting a national 5K fundraiser - anyone can walk where they are, anytime over the weekend - to raise funds and awareness for Angioma Alliance.

Angioma Alliance supports patients and funds research for an illness called cerebral cavernous angioma that has caused Julia to have 4 brain surgeries in her young life. Cavernous angiomas are leaky, mulberry-shaped abnormal blood vessels in the brain that can hemorrhage and cause stroke and seizure. One in every 500 people has a cavernous angioma, but most don't know until it bleeds. Brain surgery is the only current treatment. Potential medications have been identified, but we need additional funding to launch clinical drug trials.

Angioma Alliance, founded in 2002 by Julia's mother Connie, is the premier patient organization for the illness. Donations fund a DNA/Tissue Bank, a patient registry, and an annual science meeting as well a wide variety of patient support activities. You can find out more at www.Angioma.org.

Join us by donating for a cure. Hampton Roads walk details are to follow. If you'd like to walk where you are, please contact our team leader, Connie Lee, at clee@angioma.org and she'll send you more information.

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By driving a cure for cavernous angioma