Journey to Haiti 2015

A team for Parker Hill Community Church

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A team from Parker Hill partnering with our friends in Maliarette, Haiti to bring transformation to their community and our hearts.


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Larry Montante

Larry Montante's Journey To Haiti

$2,635 35


Theresa Collins

Theresa's Journey Back to Haiti - 2015

$1,210 8


Casey Bishop

Casey's Haiti Experience

$450 11


Tyler Bahlmann

Journey to Haiti

$250 4


Mary Wood

Mary to Maliarette!

$195 3


Irene Cobb

Cobbs 2 Haiti

$150 2


Anne Marie Dallaire

AMD Back To Haiti 2015

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Irene Cobb

Cobbs 2 Haiti

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If you follow what's happened in Haiti over the past years, you'll learn that, yes, there is lots of poverty, illiteracy and unrest. What you may not learn -- though it's even more important -- is that there is lots of hope, potential and excitment about a brighter tomorrow! We at Parker Hill want to be part of that "tomorrow"! So, we've formalized a partnership with the Leadership Council in Maliarette (about 4 hours north of Port au Prince). Th,is group of community leaders has a vision and a plan to see transformation in their community. More and stronger churches; easy access to clean water; improved education opppotrunities; a local economy. True development! Now another team stands ready to journey to Haiti to lock arms with our partners and join the story that God is writing in Maliarette. With your support, they will be on their way this December! Your generous contribution allows you to be part of the life-changing power of global partnership.

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