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"Johanna's Hope for a Cure" a team to help the ANGIOMA ALLIANCE...


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There are two ways you can join:

1.You can join us on the walk by registering for a 5K Run, Walk, Pray:

A. There is a $25 registration fee for this walk, which goes to the Shrine. This walk is open to anyone to Run, Walk and Pray for whatever! We are using the 5K for Johanna's Hope! The Shrine of Our Lady of the Island holds a special place in our hearts..

B. Then donate $5 minimum to the Angioma Alliance/CCM3 Action on this page AND share the page with your friends!They can donate and walk or just donate to Angioma Alliance/CCM3!

*If you register to walk: send Steve an email: , so we can give you a special bib for Johanna's Hope and meet you at the walk!

2. Or just donate to the Angioma Alliance/CCM3 Action and we will do the walk for all of us!

The Angioma Alliance/CCM3 is the grassroots organization that includes a Biobank, funding for research and advocacy/education. In addition the CCM3 Action group funds our clinic at University of Chicago and funds the trips to Chicago for patients with CCM3 world wide. Johanna has been to the clinic 3 times and we consult with the research team throughout the year. JOHANNA has HOPE FOR A CURE with your help!

Thank you!

Team Captain

Eileen Benthal Eileen Benthal