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Rahul Anand

Water for the Thirsty

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The Biggest Metropolis in the Western Hempisphere is running out of water. Water Shortages and Cutoffs are very common among over 20 million people of Mexico City. The City only has a few resources of water, including a mountain and an aquifer. Mexico City wastes as much energy to pump water for one day as London uses in an entire year for all its needs !

"It's been 3 years since a single drop of water came from the tap"-Clara Guitan

"We are running out of water. There will be nothing left for our kids"- Mexican Worker

The Isla Urbana foudation is here to change this. The "Water Revoultion" as they call it is aimed to help millions of people who have limitied access to water. They are doing this by constructing water harvesting systems, that collect water during the 6 months of the rainy season in Mexico. The water harvested will then be able to be used in the times when water is limited.

The money we raise will help create these water harvestation systems to help those who a thirsty for a drop of water

Please help us reach our goal to provide water for those in need.

Team Captain

Kamran Kazmi Kamran Kazmi