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The Jammin’ Jumpers mission is to strive to encourage the community to participate in and support the sport of jump rope. We encourage all athletes’ to build character and develop leadership skills. We practice our character building by working on trustworthiness, respect, responsiblity, fairness, citizenship, and leadership on a daily basis. We lead by example in our community, school, and home.

Our team goals are to devote the time and energy necessary to master new skills and routines, increase our ability in speed events through conditioning exercises and consistent practice, promote harmony within the team and resolve conflicts in fair and peaceful ways, support each other and strive to improve our self at every opportunity, help each jumper obtain their level appropriate to their ability, compete in our sport to reach our highest potential as individuals and as a team through hard work, consistent practice and positive attitude, increase our community involvement to promote health and well being of community members by encouraging their participation in rope jumping, improve our team level of excellence, sportsmanship and professionalism, AND appreciate and enjoy each other, as well as the fun and educational opportunities that the sport of jump rope has to offer!

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Anita Gabel Anita Gabel