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"Jamaica Mission 2014" is a mission team from the First United Methodist Church of Oneonta traveling to Golden Grove, Jamaica.


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Jamaica Mission 2014

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Jamaica Mission 2014

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For over a decade now, the people of First United Methodist Church in Oneonta, NY have been in a relationship with the congregation of the Moses Baker Baptist Church to help them provide a Basic School for the children of the Golden Grove community in St. Thomas, Jamaica. We have sent multiple teams to this community to help construct and maintain a school building that is frequently subjected to harsh winds and rains of hurricanes. During our visits, we have also helped to provide much needed repairs to the Isaac Barrant Community Health Center just down the road.

Our most recent trip in August 2011 saw the construction of a brick and mortar school building that has serves the education needs of over 150 children ranging in age from 3-5 years as well as desparately needed repairs and painting to the Women & Children clinic at Isaac Barrant.

In July 2014, we are sending another team to continue our relationship with this community. We will again be assisting the community in providing upkeep to the school and health center. The travel expenses are covered 100% by each member of the travel team through our fundraising efforts as well as personal contibutions. The money raised through this event will go to help off-set the cost for the members of our travel team as we prepare for this life-changing venture.

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Douglas Sivers Douglas Sivers