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"Jail-N-Bail Fundraising Team" a team to help the SHIELD MENTOR PROGRAM raise money to support mentoring youth.


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The SHIELD Mentor Program will host a Jail-N-Bail fundraiser event Saturday, April 26, 2014 located at 1220-E Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, NC 27408 where they will be "locking up" locals and will not release them until that person raises a certain "bail" money.
The fundraiser will go on from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. but you can always donate any time.
Support your community by supporting SHIELD Mentor Program. Be “arrested” and raise your bail by phone calls, sending emails or texting your friends. For more information contact Kiera Hereford at herefordk@shieldyouth.org.
All donations are tax deductible.
What is Jail-N-Bail?
Jail-N-Bail brings together community supporters for a common cause...
You’ve been charged with…
aiding and abetting the SHIELD mission to prepare young people through holistic programs to be leaders for the purpose of empowering their communities.
Your sentence…
Do time for the SHIELD Jail-N-Bail Fundraiser! Raise bail in the form of donations that will help fund our mentoring and leadership curriculum.

This unique fundraiser allows participants to serve “time” in order to raise money for the program while eating some delicious food. They are then sentenced to raise bail in the form of donations to the SHIELD Mentor Program. Each participant can serve his/her “time” at home, in his/her office, or at the event venue.
Once an individual registers at http://support-shield.eventbrite.com, he/she can begin raising funds immediately. By calling friends, family members, co-workers and local businesses, jailbirds must raise enough in pledges to win their freedom – and help the SHIELD Mentor Program mentor youth. Each participant must raise his/her “bail” by April 26.

Alternatively, jailbirds also have the option of choosing house arrest, which gives them the opportunity to raise their bail in advance. This is a good alternative for willing participants who cannot appear onsite and/or have scheduling conflicts with the event date.
How to Raise Money
"Prisoners" can start raising funds even before being arrested. Once you complete a few simple steps, you'll be ready to raise money online, offline or both! If you fundraise online, it's as simple as sending out an e-mail!

Set a goal for yourself and send e-mails to family, friends and associates asking them to sponsor you. Once you've signed up as many sponsors as you possibly can, get ready to be arrested...you're going to have a wonderful time!

While SHIELD Jail-N-Bail is entertaining and enjoyable, remember that the money you and your friends raise goes toward a very important cause...mentoring youth!
Why should I get involved?
Mentoring encourages positive choices, promotes high self esteem, supports youth’s academic achievement and inevitably introduces young people to new ideas that foster their
visions and dreams.
How mentors change lives...

Supporting positive behavior
Reducing dropout rates
Promoting academic excellence
Discouraging gang/criminal involvement
Mentored youth...
Have a higher school- attendance record and academic performance;
Are more likely to go on to higher education;
Respond more positively to their teachers and parents;
Are more comfortable communicating with their parents and society;
Receive more emotional support from their friends and peers;
Have a greater feeling of self-worth;
Understand how academics ultimately influence and relate to the professional world.
Why support the SHIELD Mentor Program?
Your support of SHIELD Mentor Program goes further than any fundraiser we could host. It is because of the generosity of our community members, such as yourself, that we are able to contribute to the well-being of our youth in a number of ways. For example, an hour of your time is more valuable than any expense when a child knows that you are available to them by choice. It is also simple to support SHIELD Mentor Program if you’re unable to consistently contribute your time, but you know of someone who may benefit from our program. All you have to do is refer or enroll someone between ages 12-18 years old, and then we are able to give the priceless gift of a mentor. Lastly, your financial support helps to carry the legacy of SHIELD to continue to enable deserving youth with opportunities to participate in our programs at no cost. Please remember, any donation you can make to SHIELD Mentor Program is tax-deductible.
Where does the money go?
All proceeds from the SHIELD Jail-N-Bail go to the SHIELD Mentor Program to support mentoring programs and services and leadership curriculum.
How do I register for the SHIELD Jail-N-Bail?
If you want to turn yourself in, simply click on the following link to register: http://support-shield.eventbrite.com.
We offer a variety of features to support your fundraising efforts.

Team Captain

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