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#IT EDUCATE 4 ALL, is an initiative programe designed to help less privileged but need student residing in Adamrobe in the Akwapim south district of Ghana. Adamrobe is a neighboring villiage of Aburi, Adamrobe is very less populated town, less economic activities, poor road network and also little education capabilities. This is mountainous area and hences the are suited in a valley, the main work frame of the people of this community is Farming and Driving.

Every year students from this town town complete their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and yet their have no means or way out to further their education, hences they stay at home and follow peer pressure groups, The world is a global villiage now and technology has taken it place and is at it peak.

We all have our social responsibilities and i feel this is what can i use to help my community, i might not have much fund but have got the technical education in computer Technology, i want to create a community base IT Institute to train and teach the youths that are out of school and also who can not further their education. With this i hope i can help reduce the illiteracy rate in my community and save a child from becoming a bad nut of the community.

I can't do this alone, i need your support join my cause lets help build a better world, it just begins with one step, any donation you give goes a long way in educating a child from Adamrobe and also saving a child from becoming a street thug.

#IT EDUCATE 4 ALL - lets help in one accord.

Thank you for your donation and your time.

Team Captain

Bismark Boafo Bismark Boafo

I want to use my knowledge have gain help educate the less privilege ones in my community