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"Iron Chef Bike Ride 2011" a team to help NEW DAY FOR CHILDREN care for victims of sex trafficking in the U.S.


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Robin's 30 Mile fund raising bike ride to fight human trafficking

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Iron Chef Bike Ride

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Human trafficking is one of the leading moral issues of our day.

  • In the U.S. alone, every year hundreds of thousands are forced into the commercial sex industry, or into forced labor or services of some kind.
  • Trafficking incidents have been uncovered in virtually every city in the Bay Area and most parts of the U.S.
  • Globally, it is the fastest growing form of organized crime, and brings in tens of billions of revenue.

Come join us if you want to do something about it!!

The Iron Chef Bike Ride 2011 aims to raise funds for New Day for Children and child victims of sex trafficking by combining a fun bike ride with gourmet cooking teams battling for top honors. Riders help promote awareness for New Day and for human trafficking issues through their individual fund raising efforts.

  • Bike and raise support
  • Help cook up a storm and feed riders
  • Support a biker
  • Volunteer

New Day for Children partners with law enforcement, social services, educational institutions, churches, corporations and other community leaders to provide programs and facilities to give hope and security to girls from the ages of 10 - 18 caught in the desperation of sexual exploitation for commercial purposes. These modern-day slaves, estimated to be 300,000 in number nationwide, have nowhere to turn to find a future free from their slaveholders and those who prey upon them on the streets of communities all across America.

Team Captain

Evan Chan Evan Chan