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We are a program designed to help indigent men and women returning from prison or has a felony and desire a second chance at a healthy life.


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Inmates In Transition (IIT), Inc is a mentoring reentry program developed toprovide a customized plan for the highest opportunity of economic success and socialwellness to its clients. IIT begins its interaction with the inmate while they areincarcerated and continues to build the relationship during the transition to the IITGuesthouse. Each recently incarcerated client is provided drug-free housing that ismonitored 24/7 with regulations, expectations of earned achievement and faith. Toadminister the customized rehabilitation process an Individual Success Plan (ISP) isdeveloped for each resident. The ISP is developed from the results of assessments,exams, interviews, IIT graduation criteria (job readiness, positive socialinterdependence and faith) and the residents input of their life plan vision. Theassessments include but not limited to employment readiness, drugs and alcohol abuseand medical/mental health. The interviewing is an in-depth dialogue with residents andan intake specialist that explores behaviors, habits, choices, dreams deferred and apreferred future. The studied results are then used to develop the ISP that is used tomonitor and measure the needs, achievements and objectives of the resident programplan. The ISP is reviewed with resident for clarity of agreement and signed by theresident. The next level of assistance is preparing the resident in implicating theircustomized work plan with guidance from mentors, staff and spiritual lessons. With the watchful direction and mentorship of IIT the residents receive enriched spiritual faith,goodwill to others and positive self awareness, the necessary components of an IITgraduate and a well rounded law abiding citizen.The concept of faith and mentoring leads to each one teach one that brings us to beingour brothers’ keeper which promotes humanity from the least of us to the mighty.

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Jennifer Calloway Jennifer Calloway

  1. Jennifer CallowayJennifer... 09/05/2011 at 11:19 PM ET
    Thank you for the passion to help someone in need. May God Bless You.