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Feeding The future with Knowledge.


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The libraries we intend to build will ensure the standards of education improve. they will also ensure a lot more kids have a place to read unlike the current situation whereby they rely on the classrooms that are to conducive for private studies. The most important part is however the contribution of these libraries to introduction of modern technology and research resources to these kids.

I have witnessed what modern agriculture has done to the youth in my country through a campaign we did with Amiran Kenya Limited called FARMING IS COOL. I believe these libraries will open up these kids minds to greater possibilities therefore building an entrepreneurial spirit that will lead to the greater development of the whole community.

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Olosky Victor Olosky Victor

  1. Olosky VictorOlosky... 08/21/2014 at 07:57 AM ET
    hey guys join the team and help me change the future of these beautiful kids in my village.