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A team to raise funds for Shane and Randy's mission trip to India.


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India 2011 (Shane and Randy)

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Letter #1:

Over the past three years, Jesus has brought us into a sweet relationship-on the other side of the world-with a pastor and his family in India...Victor and Geeta Kumar. We first learned about Victor and Geeta’s ministry from good friends in our ABF who had returned from a short term missions trip to Bihar, India. We were excited to hear how God was moving in Bihar and our ABF was challenged to pray for the people of India and the Kumars ministry. At first we were involved in a project called Radio Rescue with our ABF. But long

after this project had ended our hearts felt burdened for India. We stayed in touch with our ABF friends regarding other opportunities to be involved in ministry for Bihar and

committed to pray for the Kumars and India. As the Lord continued to provide us

with opportunities to love the people of Bihar—he also blessed us with a new

friendship with Victor and his family. As we got to know Victor and Geeta—we felt Jesus was calling us to partner with the Kumars. We consider it a gift –that we have been given so many opportunities to be involved in the vision and heart Jesus has for the people of India.

Last summer, God confirmed His call for the two of us to begin planning and preparing to travel to India on a short term missions trip. We were privileged to teach and train the pastors and people of Bihar and were also able to see firsthand how God was working in the villages. We are confident that God is calling Shane to return to Bihar again in December to teach and train the pastors, evangelists and their wives. We are disappointed not to be ministering and teaching as a couple for this upcoming trip. But are very excited and thankful for the reason-- as God has blessed our family with another covenant baby! Ashley will still be very involved in the planning and organizing and has already been busy at work. Though she will not be able to “GO” this year, she is very excited about her role and ministry to “SEND”. Our desire is that Shane would not only be able to serve during his trip but also

that he would be able to access what needs this ministry has and return home to share and

cast vision to others about partnerning with Victor and Geeta.

We are writing to ask if you would consider committing to pray for us as Shane prepares to go. Please join us in praying for the following:

1.The continued confirmation of our call to go to India.

2. That God would raise up another strong male teaching partner to “GO”

3. Trip details: traveling mercies, tickets and paperwork

4. For the teaching translation and effectiveness in the field

5. To have total recall of the Word

6. To find favor with the authorities

7. That God would blind the eyes and deafen the ears of the Enemy

8. That we would not be anxious

9. For the difficulty of being separated as a family

Thank you for considering a prayer partnership with us. Please let

us know if you will agree to pray for us as we will be counting on you to be “the

watchman” on the wall as we seek to serve the Father.

Letter #2:

We wanted to touch base with everyone and bring you up to date as to where we are in our preparations for returning to India. First-- thank you for committing to pray for us! Many of you have contacted us and shared your excitement and encouragement about our

upcoming trip. Thank you for joining us as partners and being willing to pray

for us! Secondly—we want to give you an update on where we are in our preparations for India. Our update status...BUSY!

Our first big news—The Lord has answered and provided for one of our biggest needs---another strong male teaching partner! We are excited to share that Randy Goff will be co-teaching at the conference in Bihar. We are thankful that Jesus has called Randy to “go” and eager to see how God will use this team.

The Lord has also made a provision for another big concern—accommodations. Last year, Victor and Geeta graciously opened up their two room home to us-- giving us the only space they had for sleeping. We were so humbled by their generosity and very thankful to be staying in their home with their family—not only for the fellowship it provided but also for our safety. Finding a place that Randy and Shane could stay that was safe, affordable and located near Victor and his family was a great concern of ours. But God has provided a place within walking distance of Victor’s home at a very low nightly rate. Victor will be visiting the location this week and securing a room as soon as we are locked into our travel date.

There are several areas of our planning that we would like to ask you to pray for specifically over the next few weeks. First, the general framework of what we will be teaching during our stay. Secondly, the planning and details of the fundraisers that are needed for the expenses of the mission trip. And last, the details of our schedule while in Bihar. Our days in India will be busy, our time short and the need great--we are asking Jesus to provide us with as many creative opportunities as possible to teach and share. We have GREAT expectations of God's faithfulness and His creativity in how He will provide for all of these concerns.

Please continue to pray for the following:

1. Please pray for all the details and planning of fund raising events

2. Trip details: traveling mercies, tickets and paperwork

3. For the teaching translation and that we would be effective in the field.

4. That we would have total recall of the Word

5. That we would find favor with the authorities

6. That God would blind the eyes and deafen the ears of the Enemy

7. For the difficulty of being separated from our families

8. For our wives- Megan and Ashley- as they assist us in the preparation details of our

trip and for the difficulty of being separated and solo parenting while we are away

9. For our time of study and teaching preparation

10. For our health

Thank you for your prayer partnership with us.

Grace and Peace,

Shane and Randy

PS- Check out Victor and Agape Bihar's blog at to get a feel for the people we are partnering with.

Team Captain

Randy Goff Randy Goff