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Do You Love MCCS? I Love MCCS and MCCS needs our help. Join my Summer funding campaign for MCCS.


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As the board chair of the Magic City Choral Society, I am forming a team to raise the funds necessary for MCCS to meet its financial obligations this summer and start the 2014-2015 concert season off with a bang. However, I can not do this alone. Magic City Choral Society needs YOUR help - your help and help from the people who know, love, and suport you as a member of the Magic City Choral Society.

Did you know MCCS performed 4 major programs last year? We performed 17 concerts, for more than 5,000 audience memebrs. Because of our work throughout the community, more than 1400 singers sang in all of concerts last year. That's a lot of singers! In addition, we collaborated with 8 high school choirs, two college choirs, and multiple community organizations, taking our gift of music through central Alabama. Of course you know this because you perofrmed! Next year will be another banner year for MCCS but again, in order for this to happen, MCCS needs your help. Will you join my team and help me, the board, and the MCCS leadership raise our $8,000 goal for the summer?

Here is a snap shot of our upcoming year!

1. Sweet Home Alabama - exploring Alabama's unique and significant contributions to the WORLD of music. End of September beginning of October

9/29 Asbury UMC

10/2 Baptist Church of the Convenant

2. Annual Winter Concert Series/Holiday Concerts - December

12/21 Bluff Park UMC

In addition, MCCS has been invited by the Alabama American Choral Directors Association to present a concert at the Summer 2015 Conference. We will be preparing all year, taking selections from each concert program, to perform in Tuscaloosa, July 2015.

Please join this effort so that we can continue our musical journies . . .

Team Captain

Trynna Brown Trynna Brown

I want to raise money to support the chorus that has changed my life musically!

  1. Trynna BrownTrynna Brown 07/01/2014 at 10:57 AM ET
    Team who are you reaching out to for donations?