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We are volunteer group from Ukraine which is working out a project to support victims of the hostilities in our country. We started this project from the first days of combat operations in our country's territory.

Our state is unable to support refugees from temporarily occupied territories in the eastern part of our country, to provide injured soldiers and peaceful population with proper medical aid, to support properly its own army (it is a question of equipment and medicines).

All these became a duty of our volunteers; from the first days of the war they took the following niches:

• Helping the refugees who dropped everything running away from the war and who can’t receive proper help from the state;

• Helping injured or disabled people who are in need of treatment or prosthetics;

• Helping our army;

• Helping children who lost their parents during the military aggression in the East of the country.

The average salary of the Ukrainian is $ 50-150. Considering the economic crisis in our country people with minimal earnings understand the situation and give some part of their income to help people in need while the governance (politicians and businessmen) earns millions and clean out our country. With the help of the volunteers who immediately went to the front of their own free will, with the help of volunteers who every day try to help our soldiers and refugees and finally on their own our citizens managed to suppress the aggression against our country and to freeze this conflict.

During last 2 years we have been carrying out it at the expense of the volunteers and residents of Ukraine. Today we need help, people are exhausted, and the country's economic crisis is spinning up terrifically. Being patriots of Ukraine, we have been creating the project "iHelped" for iOS application.

Our application "iHelped" has 3 groups of donations:

1. Helping refugees.

2. Helping the victims of the hostilities.

3. Helping children who lost their parents and became orphans.

In our country this problem remains unresolved and there is no point waiting for help from the state or from someone else. During last 2 years our politicians have been stealing the help that we receive from the international community.

Our team is going to release the final version of the project "iHelped” iOS application up to Christmas. We need financial support to create such project for the Android platform and for web-site. We also need servers and outdoor advertising.

Now, watching the military actions in Syria, we are planning to expand "iHelped" and to make it of international standard so that each inhabitant of our planet could support victims of the hostilities with the help of our application.

If we raise more money that are claimed, we will spend the proceeds on the creation of Christmas holiday for orphans in the orphanage of our city and put a photo and video report in our application.


The main function of the application is to collect funds to support a particular charity group.

Each registered user is considered to be a volunteer and has the possibility to subscribe for news of certain support team or another member of iHelped network. All actions are recorded in volunteer’s activity stream so other volunteers have an opportunity to look through the activity of each volunteer. Each volunteer also has a rating and a counter of donations (financial and earnings from the photographs).

There are two ways to support the donation group. The first is the donation of funds directly to the group. The second is the donation of funds through thematic photos. Photos are loaded by a volunteer depending on the type of support group. Users are able to financially support certain volunteer or photo loaded by a volunteer. Means which are put to the fund of photos are defined as means to support the group that owns this photo.

The groups’ activity has the form of posts of “stories” with video and photo reports and support.

Integration with social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram) allows network members to share their volunteer success with friends.

It is possible to support each volunteer through the gifts that are purchased for the application’s local currency - “voices”. Funds which are received from the value of the gift are automatically credited to the least supported group.

Volunteers’ and photos’ rating allows determining the best volunteer of the month, and encouraging him. During the development of the project it was highly appreciated at the international conference of young scientists "SCIENCE AND HIGHER EDUCATION". Yandex.Ukraine appreciated application design at Hackathon LikeIT 2015. iOS developer of the project received a certificate of “Student-volunteer of the year in Zaporizhia Oblast (Ukraine)” for the development of this project.

Team Captain

Evgeniy Panfilov Evgeniy Panfilov