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Hey classmates, just realized that our IDCE page is not taking donations. Just go directly to the Nuevas page above to donate. Thank you!


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NE conducts brilliant work with a community in Nicaragua that has been dramatically affected by flooding last month, losing 70% of their main investments which are their bean crops. The flooding and crop damage was so bad that the government declared a calamity and the UN made an emergency appeal for relief. NE is in a position to continue and expand one of their existing projects growing family gardens, which will alleviate some of the food shortage.We would like to help.

Because of the recent flooding, most of the farmers have lost their store of beans that they usually count on to feed themselves through the next 8 months and many men will likely need to look for work outside of the country. The family gardens project will provide seeds and technical assistance to as many families as possible. This will not solve the crisis, but it will alleviate some of the food shortage and enable the women to immediately provide for their families if the men have to leave for work.

We would like to cover the cost of supplying seeds and assistance to 10 families. This would cover the salaries of the Nicaraguan NE workers,their transportation to the community, and the materials.

Let's do it!!

Team Captain

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  1. jenna lohnesjenna lohnes 12/15/2011 at 12:59 PM ET
    Hey classmates, I just realized that our IDCE razoo page is not taking donations (lame!). If you will just click on the link below "IDCE fundraiser" where it says NUEVAS ESPERANZAS you can donate with one click. Sorry for the inconvenience and added email. We'll send out periodic emails with updates on how much we have raised so far. Of course if you'd rather not get any just send us a quick "please stop" and we'll respect your inbox. Thanks again guys and Happy Holidays!